Appliance Repair Coupons for more Savings for more Savings

Just get coupon Discount ID number and have it ready for Tech when he/she gets there. It's just that simple no printing invovled!
$10 off Any!
 stove, washer, refrigerator or dryer repair
Discount ID: 53210
Dryer Cleaning 
$59.99 NOW!!!! 
$10,000's in home fire Damage Later!

Help prevent a dangerous fire situation from lint build-up.
"Most common cause of House Fires"

  • Clean dryer/ vents with powerful equipment 
  • Clean the entire vent from the dryer to the outside of your home
  • Reassemble everything and check for proper operation
  • Satisfaction guaranteed^
  • Trip charge is a additional $20 to cover gas if you live outside of the coverage area!
Discount ID: 1236584
25% off Tues & Thurs
any Stove & Fridge repair

      Must have coupon and present to tech before work is done.

Discount ID: 6589421
Save $15 off
tune up & inspection
Don't wait till it's to late!

Discount ID: 3215745
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